The Big Short (2015)

You know that feeling when you first watched Rocky and the movie was hyping up the fight against Apollo and you wanted nothing but for the underdog to win?

The Big Short is like that in that the underdogs win (in a way, I guess) against the bigwigs in the financial system. By the time the underdogs win though, you really start to think whether they won or not.

P.S. My outlook is a bit bleak, but I think that it rightfully should be since this movie showed the injustices in their system and it’s frustrating to think that nothing’s changed.

P.P.S. The movie was extremely funny though. And informative!


The Revenant (2015)

In the words of Leonardo DiCaprio himself, this was “…a transcendent movie experience.” Alejandro Iñárritu has outdone his previous work (Birdman) with one of this year’s better movies.

On a side note, a big congratulatory write-up for Leonardo DiCaprio is definitely in order. 2013 was close, but no cigar for Leo as Matthew McConaughey gave a performance of a lifetime in Dallas Buyers Club. 2015 though was deservedly Leo’s as it was, without a doubt, an incredibly intense and immersive characterization that was made possible with the help of a great supporting cast and Iñárritu’s impecabble direction.


The Martian (2015)

There’s an appeal with works in the survival genre that automatically give it an exciting feeling in that the audience can never rest easy knowing that something terrible is eventually going to happen to the main character.

The Martian goes beyond leveraging that appeal by enhancing the realism through giving well-thought out explanations (which checks out with real science as an added bonus) and also by creating a very epic setting. The icing on the cake though is Matt Damon’s performance as Mark Whatney, which is nothing less than excellent.


P.S. Between Mad Max: Fury Road and this movie, I’m rooting for The Martian to win Best Picture.